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There were so many battles that I have faced alone. There were times that I even wondered if I could make it through. All that I ever felt that time was unbearable pain that I really want to get away with. I wanted all of it to end, but why does it hurt even more? The pain seems endless. My life suddenly seemed so meaningless that I didn’t even want to open up again. I was so vulnerable. I was so scared. Those were the days that I almost gave up and entertained too many questions in my head. Questions that were never answered. Questions that filled my heart with doubts. Questions that made me lose my worth and individuality. Questions that made me think why should I go through all of this? But as I meet you, suddenly all of those questions were answered. Because you are the answer.

I fought for my life. I never imagined that the former version of myself would make me the better person that I am today. Maybe I had to go through all of it, so I could appreciate myself first. I practiced loving myself more than anyone. I trained myself to be disciplined and matured. I enjoyed the process of growing and loving my life. I flourished with grace and dignity. And by the time that I have completed that process, I know that you’ll suddenly come to approach me. I will never initiate or beg for love, because I believe that I am worth pursuing. I would never give in to temporary feelings, because I know that this heart of mine is deserved by someone who would take it for a lifetime. I would never try hard to be with someone who does not see my worth and who is not willing enough to beat all the odds to have me. Because I know that a real man will never be afraid to express himself to everyone, especially when it comes to his love for me. I will always wait for your coming into my life because when I see you, I’ll already know that it’s you.

To my “the one,” you are worth the fight. I’ve been through a lot, but the fight that I have won would certainly lead me to you.  Everything would seem effortless when I am finally with you. I don’t have to fight anymore, because you fought the battle to have my heart. I will always feel secure of your love because this kind of love was never forced. It was natural and true. It was never hidden. It didn’t begin with confusion. It was always sure from the beginning. Now I know that even if difficult battles would come in my life, everything is better because you will always be there to fight by my side.

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