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I’ve already heard a lot about you before I really knew you. I was never curious until someone told me the reason behind your story and found out, you wanted to get into my life. That was the time I got to know you more, and realized, my thoughts about you were wrong.

I also wanted to know you deeper so I opened my heart for you and accepted you in my life. We became closer, I got to share to you everything. You were always there when I need you. You were by my side when I’m happy, even when I’m sad. You were like a best friend. You never leave me. We were inseparable.

But one day, everything has changed. Is it me? Or is it you?

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I met someone else, you just let me. That someone held my hand, you let go of the other. I asked you what’s wrong, you didn’t say a word, you just remained silent. That someone told me to leave you, but you know what’s funny? Yes, I left you for that someone, but that someone left me too!

Now I’m so alone, you’re not with me anymore.

“Are you not coming back anymore?”

And when I asked, a voice came to me saying,

“I’m not coming back cause I never left you.”

“But, you did!” I blamed you.

“Remember when you met that someone? I just let you because I want you to have your own decision, I just got your back but you never asked for my help. Remember when that someone held your hand? I didn’t let go of the other, you’re the one who let go of mine. Remember when you ask me what’s wrong? Yes, I remained silent because I wanted to listen to you, but you never shared it with me anymore.”

I saw your sad eyes, but still managed to smile. I felt sorry and asked for forgiveness.

“Will you still accept me after leaving you?”

“Of course!”

“Lord, why?”

“Because I love you, my child.”

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