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A 365 reasons why I love you isn’t enough.  There is no expensive gifts, extravagant celebration, a luxury vacation can trade you for anything. I’d rather lay down  with you while we’re watching Netflix and have a same cup of coffee. Actually there is no special about Valentines because you made our everyday extra special. I everyday wrote a letter for you so there’s no difference of this day. But because you’re my favorite person I’ll show you the cheesy side of me.😁

I wish everyone know how good person you are. How sarcastic you are in a cute way. How you protect the people you love. How tough and how you stand with your own feet. How hardworking you are. How you call me beautiful in my bad hair days. How you believe in me more than I believe in myself. How selfless you are. How I’m comfortable to tell everything without any judgement. How you always set aside your ego just for me. How you handle my mood swings. How you value me than your pride. How you give the assurance of me when I’m jealous. How you build up my confidence. How you stayed up late just to talk to me. How you woke up so early just to talk to me before work.  How you take away my insecurities. How you love me more than yourself. I wish all woman can treat the way you treat me. I wish all woman have someone like you. How you lift me up when I feel down. How you comfort me during my tough times
I never imagined I could feel this kind of love. The genuine feelings that every woman wish for. And I never imagined I can give the unconditional love. Your love and affection healed me. I’m sure some people might not understand what we have but fuck that.
I love your entire being. The way you snore. The way you laugh at my corny jokes. The way you stare me. The way you got pissed off but still good looking. I’m really lucky for having you. You’re not just my lover but my best friend. You’re one of a kind and once in a lifetime. A gem that I will take care of.
Thank you baby. Since I met you. You never give me a stress and doubt. You never failed to make me smile. Thank you for letting me out on my comfort zone. For adoring me and loving me. For teaching me to forgive the people I hated.  For my peace of mind. I couldn’t ask for more. I feel so loved and wanted.  The relationship we have is the kind of, I can sleep with peace and nothing to worry about. There is no cheating, shit and lies.
Thank you for everything Mylove. ♥️You are worth it. You are loved. You are wanted. ♥️

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