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To you,

While we listen to the same song

I think of you

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You think of her

When we read the same sweet poems

I think of you

You think of her

I tell my friends about you

and you tell me, your friend, about her

I tell them how I wish you’re the one

You tell me you thought she was the one

Now you’re in pain because of her

and I’m in pain because of you

You look at me and tell me that you’re in the season of healing

I look back at you and tell myself that I’m in the season of waiting

Maybe, for now, we’ve yet so much to learn, that our hearts can’t cross paths yet.

Actually, I’m not certain if that will even happen, If our creator will allow the You and I to become us. For that her to become I.

But, I’d still listen to the same song with you, read poems with you, share stories with you.

From I.

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