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A beautiful Scar ❣️

As I look back. I saw my pain hatred and betrayal.Tears are falling down in my cheeks. The burden and pain that I kept inside. I don’t have a choice but to run. Far away.
We crossed our path in the middle of the night. All I see is darkness. Your hand lead me to somewhere. Suddenly.. I feel warm. You wipe my tears. Your genuine smile makes my heart pounding.
Your eyes giving me an answer. Your laugh is like music to my ears. Your gesture giving me assurance that I’m not alone. I figured out. I’m falling. Falling inlove with you is the greatest decision I’ve ever made.
Now you’re mine. I will never let you go. Your love teach me how to love myself again. You showed me what true love is. The unconditional love mend my broken heart.
Now I’m looking back. Healed and happy. The sleepless nights turn into a peaceful nights. No more tears and agony.

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