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Have you ever thought what scares you the most? ghost, darkness, the people around you, fear of enclosure, fear of heights? You know what scares me the most? It scares me to lose the people I loved. The feeling of being alone, the feeling of being left out. Just the idea of doing things that we do breaks me, because doing the same thing will never be the same. You become part of our life and now that you are leaving, it feels like a part of me, part of us has been taken. Gone are the days of group lunch.

Gone are the days of sunday service, gone are the days of laughter, gone are the days of hangouts and movie night. Gone are days of being happy together, everything will never be the same. I know that things like this is about to happen, but why does it have to be so soon, when I am starting to enjoy the moment with everyone? When I look back how it all started, those days that we cry, the laughter, the joy that we shared with everyone made me smile in a way, and sadden me at the same time.

While wondering what will happen to us, as I checked facebook stories, I came across this verse and it keeps linggering for me reflect on. “Many are the plans in a person’s heart. But it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21. As much as we want you with us. It is not our call to decide, for there is His plan for you and your family.

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We may not see each other as often as before but our love for you will never fade. The relationship that we have will never be shaken, for I believe that what we have isn’t just a shallow friendship, we are not just friends but a family. We may not be blood related but we are connected by faith. We are brother and sisters in Christ. What happen sadden us, but don’t hold back there is His will that we should follow. Even if it means growing apart from everyone.

I know you’ll make new friends, and that is perfectly fine, but please don’t forget me, don’t forget us.

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