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Dr. Myles Munroe once said: the greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life
without a purpose.

In following Christ, the greatest sin is not denying Him…
It’s when you blaspheme against the Holy Ghost (Mark 3:28-30)

Blasphemy in the Holy Ghost sometimes can be committed simply by having an unbelieving heart.

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Unbelief is not the absence of faith. It is faith in God that He can, but you choose to believe that He will NOT do it—because you are convinced that you don’t deserve it.

We look down on ourselves many times by how we fallaciously lift others in our minds. This is a deadly trait we unconsciously practice. This occurs when we are ignorant about our true identity.

And when we do not know who we really are and our standing before God, another deadly act can be committed: that is to comfort ourselves by the collective attitudes or qualities we see in ourselves that develops self-conceit in a harmful way. Self-dependency.

When you are dependent on yourself, you will automatically block all external help for your welfare; for you solely believe no one understands you but yourself and that only you knew what is best and not. And you will treat everything that is beyond your culture and capacity as a threat.

You become secluded; having a very serious trust issue towards everything and everybody.

That’s how a callous heart is born and unbelief takes place.

Our reasons why we grew up the way we did may be valid, but the only reason to let go of it is vital: Jesus is a chain-breaker. And He wants us to live a totally FREE LIFE WITH HIM.

He didn’t gave up His life on the cross for us to still hold onto those reasons. He didn’t rose again for us to still cling on those lies.

Truth is: we cannot make our life struggle-free, painless, and tear-free, even having a relationship with Jesus—accepting Him as Lord and Savior. But, of course, Jesus makes difference by transforming us to be more effective in His Kingdom—that makes all the hardships worth the pain. Now that’s pain with a purpose.

Search yourself in Christ Jesus. He is the only answer. And the key to experience it and encounter Him is surrender.

Surrender takes high level of humility to happen: recognizing that we cannot and we are not enough (John 15:5)

Allow Jesus to transform you and ask Him to give you that God-kind faith. He would be pleased to do it and give it to you. Let go of unbelief, believe in His righteousness that He has put on you the moment you surrender everything to Him.

Believe and mircale will happen.

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