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Coffee over tea, Books over movies, Chocolate over vanilla. In life, we are bounded by choices, we are surrounded with things that we might like and we might not like. Same with relationships, We are also allowed to choose whom we want to spend our lives with,
Some may even have a checklist of their own, A standard they follow to set their bar.
Handsome/Pretty, Achiever, Faithful, Romantic  and so on.
Standards that serves as a basis, a basis which does not reflect somebody’s worth.
But you know what? That’s fine. We have the Permission to choose whom we’ll spend our lives with, but that permission comes with consequences.

Some of our choices might have the characteristics we’re looking for and a the same time they might also have the stuffs we hate about.
I mean lets be honest, not all the things we want will always be perfect. You may have established plans but it will not always go the way we expect it to be.
In this modern world we live in, world full of temporary people. Choose to be that someone who will be the “definitely” for all the  uncertainty.

Choose what He planned and placed for us.
For He knows the plans He has for us.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Choose someone who just doesn’t make the butterflies fly around your stomach but also the one who makes both your stomach full .
Choose someone who will choose to watch Cocomelon with your kids than go out and get wasted.
Choose someone who will not let you question your worth. Someone who will accept what and who you are.
Choose someone who knows how to make you smile, someone who knows and cares even with the smallest details about you.
Choose someone who will make you realize why you need to let go of your past.
Choose someone who is sure about you and will bring the best out of you.
Choose someone who will not leave you when everything else fails.
Choose someone who will care when no one else cares anymore.
most importantly, Choose someone who leads
your path to Gods heart.
Who will strengthen your relationship with Him as your center.

Your future children can’t choose who their parents will be but you have the Permission to choose whom you want to raise your children with.

Choose someone who will walk you down the aisle and has the courage and will never turn his back on the promises that you will declare.
Lastly Choose to be happy.

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