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Hi self, how have you been ?
Life has been tough, hasn’t it ?
But hey, you still managed to keep moving forward.
You know, I just want to say that I am so proud of you.
Although you’ve made a lot of bad decisions in life,
still you were courageous enough to face the consequences.
You are a fighter and that is why I look up to you.
I hope that you’ve achieved the best version of yourself by now.
Can you promise me that when you look back on the past,
never ever feel remorseful of the things that had happened
as these experiences helped you become the strongest version of you.
The betrayals were part of your growth.
The heartbreaks were processes you need to go through to learn the importance of love.
The rejection was a redirection for a much better opportunity.
And most importantly, the maturity you’ve learnt from all the mess,
has made you a lot wiser and your faith stronger.
You’re doing great self, keep going.
Know that I will always root for you. 💕
The old you

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