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Like an old television screen, my life has been black and white. Chaotic as it was, I always walked on an unknown melodramatic path. Yes, I was always this melancholic until I suddenly had a twist in my fate. Your smile when I first laid my eyes on you is still vivid whenever I close my eyes. It feels like I was on a romantic movie. The time stopped and I heard the birds chirping and singing my favorite love song. You planted butterflies in my stomach and made my heart beat like a trampoline. However, this race in my heart stopped without reaching the finish line when I realized that we are worlds apart. I am me and you are you. I’m living in a chaotic world and you are living in serene. How could someone like me enter in a kingdom where only stunning princes and princesses can penetrate? However, you are you, the unexpectedly you. You who appreciated the genuity of my actions. You who made a bridge between two opposite poles. You who uttered the first words when my body was encapsulated by embarrassment that made me deaf. Little by little, we became like this, two people who constantly talking to each other. Little by little, I came to know that we were never different as you also raised your walls as high as mine because of those grievous experiences. Delays, talking about delays. You who have been waiting for your time to conquer your kingdom as I am lingering for my throne. You are me but somehow, you don’t feel it. I am stuck in my imagination that someday you will look at the mirror and see me as you but I am not the writer of this story. It is God who is writing it and I am patiently waiting for me to have that important role in your life. Right now, I am just me, an acquaintance whom you can talk through dms whenever you have questions. I am me, who always making the first move because I know how difficult it is for you to open your biography to other people. Yes, I understand and I will continuously do so. I don’t know until when and how this story would end but I will continue to light that burning torch in your heart when you feel that it is about to be extinguished. I will be that constant passer-by or should I say a stunt man whom the cinema viewers won’t recognize but is willing to dive for the hero’s safety. Maybe, yes, I am falling in love in the most unexpected way and to the most unexpected person. As I reminisced every second with you, it feels surreal but I crave for your presence and at the moment I can’t demand for it. Reality bites me as I am day dreaming what the next chapters should look like as I know you will never look back and see me as I see you. Maybe, my heart would bleed again in the most unexpected moment but somehow I want to utter what my hypothalamus is protesting. Unrequited love hurts like your heart is burning but it bleeds more when it doesn’t have the chance to say what it is ought to say. Maybe I can maybe I won’t. Vague, it’s the best word to describe what will happen in the future but I am certain that if one day your heart beats my name, I would be the one who won’t leave you even the world will send us storms. I won’t let go of the one that I am praying these days. Unexpectedly, I am hoping for it, but if you won’t lay your eyes on me I’ll still be grateful that I played a tiny piece in your story. Maybe somewhere, somehow we fall in love unexpectedly but no, it won’t end like we always wanted to be.

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