Growing up requires great effort


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I am the type of person whose half dependent and half independent towards my parents. My parents support me financially and with a whole family, — that’s how I view it. But when it comes to socializing, dealing with my emotions and stuff. I grew up independently, I learned a lot from experience but of course they give advices about life in general too.
As a teenager growing up on a stable environment at home, going out with friends excites me. I love being with them going through new adventures, experiencing life and such. Because as a teenager learning about life we honestly feel connected to them as our firsts are highly theirs. We can just share how we feel about a particular event at the moment while relating to one another. To the point where going out with your parents feels awkward because you don’t remember the last time you spent time with them and you don’t know them anymore, frankly speaking.

Today I woke up to be reminded. The past few days mama was complaining about how her left knee seems swollen but I just ignored it because I thought it wasn’t really obvious. Today, when I was half asleep I heard mama asking my younger sister to do her work because she’s having a real knee pain. She couldn’t climb the stairs easily or sit and even walk property. However despite that my mom and my sister still gone to the mall to just spend time and money and when they got home I’ve got to talk to her about the relationship of health and age and stuff.
As we were tackling that I was suddenly reminded their age, my parents age. I was reminded that they are also affected by time, — that while I’m working to better myself as an individual I often or maybe always forget that fact. I neglect so many things I could have to done with them and also the things I can still do for them. At the moment I’m writing this I’m still unsure of the things I can do for them right now. Because this is my first and only life there are still so much questions waiting to be answered.

We are so focus on growing up, too focus about worrying our future, too focus on ourselves. We over looked what’s infront of us, the things we can do today because we worry so much about what we’ll do tommorow. It’s difficult, specially when we are in the age of uncertainty. We surely love the times we spent on doing what we like to do but at the end of the day, deep in our hearts we do not want to regret the way we live our life !!!

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