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“It was really scourging.” A man once said as his head fall over heels and trembles throught the image of her face in his thought during his sleepless night.

It’s difficult to love a longing girl thinking it was free from pain fixing her. When you begin to walk inside her humble room, you will see the darkness pursuing her, you’ll feel her magnifying her whole emptiness with grief. You’ll witness her building great walls through her sentiments. You saw dark traces embracing her and how she let the destruction lead her way. She encapsulate herself, never allowing herself to see the sunset. Her soulfire fonded her and she had her own ways to frustrate herself. Sadness isolated her whole-being.

And someone was just there, watching over her and gave her a highest form of love. She overcome. She get the chance to introduce to sun, rain, moon, stars and dancing strings of different color of light. Being difficult and deep person made her understand that she’s worthy. Maybe loving her somehow meant getting scratch after touching her, getting deep wounds after hearing her sharp edges. But it only takes a real man who’ll truly chase her. A man after God’s heart. Her deep wound that needs a deep healing too. You’ll meant drowning on her and getting sick after drowning. To love her was never about seeing her in her own isolated level but to love her means to save her, and crowned hear with favor and peace.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Man please understand, for her your love was never enough to let her see things clearer and wider.

Loving her will never be easy. That is something you should prepared with. Loving her has nothing to do with what ifs and buts. But loving her meant losing yourself and finding yourself again. She will not remain broken, as she learned that how to love herself will teach others how to love her. She already know her worth, she’s cloth with strength and dignity. She will made you feel like loving her was not a temporary, but a lifetime. She’ll test your patience, your honesty, your presence of mind. So If you feel like you can not then don’t risk, ran away because she don’t need someone who’ll be impatient with her. Never attempt to hurt her or adding another short-term letters of memories on her box, or giving her another reason to travel back to neverland, and adding thick smoke through the ceiling of her paper house. Just do allow her to find herself first, allow her to build her kingdom, and fonded by the teachings and words of her savior. She’s stronger, wiser and braver now, just so you do.

How do broken people save other broken people?
Complete yourself, be healed and love again.

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted And saves those who are crushed in spirit – Psalms 34:18

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