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I know things been tough each days passing by, I just want to say thank you and sorry for being the man who is not worthy for your love and trust. Just by staring at you, brave is what you’ve looked from the outside but I know the truth and it brokes my heart. Hoping that this could end and we will be happy again. But we don’t know what the future ahead of us. Only God know what our story will be.

As you sing our playlist 15 feet away from me. I know from here you want to cried out what you feel and to stop the pain in your heart. I’m so sorry, I was stupid to failed our dreams that we build. Every man dreams is a family and the happiness for her better half, we can show to the other people that we’re both fine but deep inside we are shuttered apart that only God can understand.

I hope you won’t forget about me, about us, about everything we had. I know God have a better and best plan for us, maybe someday will be the right time for US. This might be the end for both of us now, but we should place our trust to God. Because if it’s his will. It will be.

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Even when the day comes that you don’t feel the same for me. I’ll keep my faith. Our love story was different from my first. I feel so desperate for us, motivated that I know we were getting back to each others for better, stronger and be able to face what ever problem that comes along.

I will miss you, but still i will love you! Your always be the best part ME.

Love Orange,

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