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Please, do not court her… yet.

Think about your decision. Ponder about this choice.

Let your feelings subside and then decide when you are already not intoxicated by your own emotions because this is a decision both of you don’t want to regret. Most people, especially the impulsive ones, regret a lot of things simply because they let their emotions lead them.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Do not court her yet. Do not let your feeling lead you to folly because feelings should not be followed. God designed our hearts to be led and not to be followed. Feeling though valid is not factual and shouldn’t be the basis for truth.

Do not court her. Do not ask her out on a date if your sole purpose is to just touch her body and use her to fill your own need. God sees your motives and He surely cares about her daughter so you better be mindful of how you will treat her. You’re accountable to God.

Do not court her if you are not seeing her as someone you could spend your whole life with. Do not court her if you are not even seeing yourself waiting for her on the altar while she walks towards you. Do not even think of dating her if you are not ready for thousands of dinners and hundreds of vacations with this very same person. The two of you will spend almost all weekends together and will wake up with each other’s faces and morning breath. You will ask about this person’s day every day and should still greet her with the same enthusiasm as before.

Do not court her if you are not ready to support her in her career, or if you don’t have the time to listen to her midnight cries and drama. Do not court her if you are not ready to listen and not accept when you are wrong.

Do not court her with all her good qualities in mind. Court her knowing that she will never become a perfect person, she will mess up and you will see more than her body—that is her soul—as time goes by. She will make mistakes and you must know that she did mistakes in the past that she’s not proud of and even those mistakes we should learn to love and love and love.

Do not court her just to show her off and only just to tell people that she wanted to be with you. She’s not a trophy, she’s not someone that you can brag about this moment and then leave her to pursue another win. Yes, she’s someone you should be proud of, but she’s way more than just someone you need to brag about. She’s worth pursuing all the days of the right man’s life and if you are not ready for that kind of relationship, you should just back off.

Do not court her, man. Do not try to make her special or even make her effort for nothing.

Man up. Treat her right. Treat her the way God wants you to treat her. Treat her the way you want other men to treat your mother or sister.

This world badly needs responsible men who would protect women from our selfish selves.

As long as you’re still full of yourself, as long as you are not humble enough, do not even try to awaken love in her heart. Do not, man. This world already has enough pain and scars in it, don’t add more.

Please. Do not court her.

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