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I had this huge adoration for you since the first day I met you…
You smile so bright that it takes away all the angst that I had from that whole time that I didn’t see you …
You make my tummy grumbles when you look into my eyes. I couldn’t look away cause I might never have a chance after that moment.
Funny thing is that you didn’t even realise that I care for you too much, it was visible for the others but it doesn’t, when it comes to you…
I realized that I have fallen for you…
But, you like someone else…
Every time you tell me stories about her, yes I listen but I was just focus on watching your face because it was so happy and that’s the only thing that matters.
Every Dark secrets of yours was buried and locked away. I will never let anyone know your vulnerability. Cause I don’t know how to make you smile again cause I am not her.
You liked her so much that you are willing to wait for years and that’s sweet. But, are you sure that she’ll do the same?
You finally said that you are praying for her. I got hurt but I have to accept it cause, All I want is that for you to be Happy.
You know what, I’ve started praying for her as well, that she sees your efforts and your kindness.
I became friends with her so that I could help you win her.
I’ve started dropping hints of the things that make you happy or things you like. So that she might do it, if she’s into you as well.
I did everything I could to help you and I also put my all efforts into your cliché.
But, as I was doing all that,
I cry to sleep at night.
I silent scream.
I looked into the sky and pray that I wouldn’t lost it.

I have done all of those painful things. so, that you’ll have your happiness, Even if it is not with Me.

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