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People say love knows no boundaries
So why do we worry?
Because we are scared of what could be?
And kept asking ourselves what may be?
What may happen if we love so deeply?
What may happen if we love scarcely?
We always put ourselves in safety.
Even if love promises us eternity.

A lifetime journey that ment to test us
A struggle for life and love thats bounds us
A cycle of pain and joy,sorrow and hapiness
But will it bring us fulfillness?

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

We keep searching for forever but does it exsist?
A question we keep asking ourselves
A question that leaves every relationship clueless
We always put ourselves in a situation
Where loves will always be the solution
Love will allways be our salvation
An umbrella in a pouring rain
A shelter in every pain

Love is a promise of happines. and never a shade a dullness
But.. love is never painless
Its a gamble where winning or losing is pointless
A gamble that has high stakes
A valley of never ending heartaches
or a sea of heaven with smiles falling like snow flakes
But are you willing to gamble?
If not save yourself the trouble.

if you found it keep it
If you haven’t search for it.
Love is illusive yet mysterious.
But nothing is more sweet and precious
Than growing old with the one you love the most.

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