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You make me happy
You make me laugh
You cheer me up,
When things get tough
You care
You understand
You lend your ears,
When all I can do is flow out my tears
You are thoughtful
You are selfless
You motivate me,
When life seem so pointless
You give time
You give effort
You show compassion,
When I’m all left in confusion
Never did you know but all this time,
you make me feel so fine

I haven’t told you, but
I like you to hold my hand
I like you to wrap your arms around me
I like you to be by my side while staring at the night sky
I like you to drink coffee with me while the rain is pouring down
I like you to say I miss you
I like you to kiss my forehead goodnight
I like you to travel the world with me
I like you to spend time with me, like lovers do
I like you a lot, but I’m holding myself back
I’m holding myself back because of the friendship that we have
I’m holding myself back because we are miles apart
I’m holding myself back because I’m scared to know,
That maybe at the end of the road we are not meant to be together
You are so precious that I’m afraid to lose you
You are the kind of friend I never knew
A genuine friend with a heart so true
I want to treasure you, I want to be there for you
Maybe we can talk this out, Maybe we could work it out
Just maybe, I want to call you my baby
The day you asked me if I like you?
I wanted to say I do
I didn’t have the courage to speak out, but
I like you a lot, I really do
And I’m sorry that I’ve been holding myself back
I just got cold feet, but I wanna work this out❣️


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