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At first it was hard, like we just meet each other just to leave a scars and lessons. You left me without telling any reasons why we end up like this.

You make me happy, feel loved and special in the short time we spent together. I missed the times we’re both listening on each other sad, funny and tragic stories in our life. We become a sun and moon of each other as you told me in the short time. Maybe there’s hatred between us as we end up without having a closure. You left scars on a lady who had trauma from her past and make it worst…

But looking in the other side. I’m thankful, grateful. Because you’ve been strong enough to left me, you gave me a lot of lesson behind those scars you made. I became a strong lady as I meet God’s love again and His faithfulness even I tried to left Him but He never left me through my darkness night that I thought that must be you. He gives me comfort and peace as I expected it from you, He never leaves me and it makes me realized that I need to go back to my first love.

Every pain has purpose. My break downs and heartbreak become my breakthrough within God’s love. There’s nothing is impossible.

I hope and I pray for your healing process my pangga, it will be the last. I’m still grateful to have you as I learn a lot from you.


A girl who named ‘Heart’