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There will come a time when you will wonder and ask, “How can I truly move on?” Moving on is a tough decision that comes with an extremely hard process, especially when you have spent so many years with that person. When you gave every beat of your heart. When you have invested your all. Then you wouldn’t expect that there will come a time that you will truly fall hard on the ground. The person that was once a part of your world decided to shatter your life into pieces. That one person who you never thought would do something to hurt you, was the one who proved that you were wrong. That person was the one that you loved for so long. You thought he was the one. But after many years of being together, how can that someone cause you so much pain that you don’t know what to feel anymore. The pain that made you numb and helpless. The pain that made you forget who you really are. The pain that destroyed your being. How could he forget all your happy moments together? How could he just throw it all away? How could he do that? 

Yet after all the heartbreaks, it is only you who could choose for yourself. You could choose to cling to that person or choose yourself. By choosing yourself, you are not being selfish. You are giving yourself the chance to heal and start over again. It is not wrong to put yourself first. Because when you have learned to truly love yourself, that is when you’ll know that you are ready to love again. It is okay to make yourself comfortable with the things that make you happy. It is okay to give yourself time to breathe and set yourself free. You are a precious being who deserves a love that will never put you down. You deserve a love that will make you feel special and valued. You deserve a love that will make your dreams come true. You deserve a life that will bring you to the next level.

If there is one thing that you have to do right now, that is putting yourself first. Because after all the heartache and pain, you need to give yourself the time to heal. Be who you really are, without the definition of your past mistakes and failures. Without the person who chose to break your heart. Without the person who was not genuinely in love with you. Then you will realize that life offers you so much more than you could ever think of. Life could be more beautiful because there is always a fresh start. You will realize that someday, your heartbreaks will be your breakthrough. The pain that you experience today could lead you to the right person someday. And you will be grateful because those heartbreaks led you to who you could become one day. 

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