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What would be
your greatest wish?!

Someone said once before
that you are a Prince.
Don’t they end up
making their own wish/es

come true?!

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

So, whatever you are dying to do,
need or want
right at this moment…

do it!

The strands of my mane
and all the beauty I see,
hear, feel and touch
around me… exudes

with so much love.

They all tell me
that you are “one”.

Let go of anything
that weighs you down now.
You won’t be able to freely
spread those wings
if you still haven’t…

or won’t.

Let it all go!
At least for awhile?
Until you’re ready
to face it all…


I need you here with me too.
The good Lord knows this.
And my soul needs to see you
or I will be like that

of an autumn tree.

I find my roots
connected to
and more alive…
with thee.

I hope that it will flourish
by your side
even more
the way a tree
would bloom
beside a riverbank…


I thought and wrote some lines during bedtime last night until I dosed off but then… the thought kept re-visiting my mind this morning…
Justice served. 🤭😋
📷 Rachel Xiao from Pexels

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