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To the lover I have yet to meet, would you show me what love actually feels like?
What is it to fall in love with someone? Do feelings just well up all of a sudden or is it something much deeper. In truth I’m just afraid to fall in love. Being the one to fall while the other one pretends. Show me genuine love, where both of us grow independently. Show me genuine love where we take on challenges, for no other love is as perfect as God’s love for us. Show me real love that makes our past love feel like lessons. We haven’t met yet, or we did meet but at the wrong timing. Love brings tragedy but it also brings hope with it. Love is a Pandora’s Box.

Feelings change as time passes, it fades overtime. Love truly never disappears it leaves remnants. Remnants that reignite for the right person, a remnant that burns brighter than before. Tempered by pain and time, a small ember can set the passion for love ablaze. No one is truly devoid of love, we are all searching for that someone who accepts us, and when we do find that someone, we become contented. To the lover  I have yet to meet, i ask you to reignite these ever fading embers, only for you they’ll burn bright.

A fated encounter can be related to love at first sight. Once we love a person and end up hurting ourselves, its fate that it happened. You won’t know until later If it’s a fated encounter. A fated encounter can only be understood once it’s over, it’s something that you’ll realize after everything has changed and everything has ended. Fate decides on who stays and leaves. To all the lovers who left, they leave bread crumbs, a trail to the right person. May those crumbs lead you to me. To the lover who I have yet to meet, Tsuki ga kirei desu ne? (The moon looks beautiful doesn’t it?).

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