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Our connection made us insaperable
Late night talks, random things, fears, regrets, pains. We are each other’s daily diaries. I always search for your presence might be a happy day or a gloomy one. You are the in between of my day and night. The only certain in this world full of uncertainty.

But isn’t funny, when I’m just ready to pursue whatever this life takes us we drifted apart. The pasts took over whatever was left into our blooming love story. Where trust turned into doubts. And hate overpowers love.

Daily update became occasional. Happy conversation turned into silent ones. I’ve endured cold treatments thinking maybe this was all my fault in the first place.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I gave you space and peace. Hoping somehow you realized whatever we have stiil deserve second chances. Because maybe that’s what love is, being able to forgive after all the pain.

But I guess it turned out the other way. You decided to end it all. And it is hard for me to let you go. If this lifetime wasn’t meant for us
I’m glad we crossed our paths.

But I still love you. With every aching part of me I’d still do.

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