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I know I’m not a perfect person. I know I make mistakes most of the times. I know sometimes, I can’t even meet your standards, or give all the things that you want to have. I’m not that skinny, I never wear those sexy ones that you always see on your own social media sites. I never wear make ups to make myself beautiful. I just wear the comfy ones I find on my closet. I sometimes never speak on what I feel, cause I’m afraid, you might never going to listen. But, all I can give is to love you unconditionally. I can cook for you. I can stay with you through hard times and good times. I will accept your flaws and never force you to change for me. I will let you grow as a better person not for me, but for yourself. I will be appreciating all your efforts and always remind you how much I am lucky to have you. So if you appear, remember that I love you since the first day.

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