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…and yet here am I,
Ready to quit
Ready to stop
Just a few moments before the fated time.

But just like that all my doubts vanished.
One word from you pushed me to go further,
to wait,
to be patient,
It’s as if I’m your puppet,
Can’t do anything but follow your glow.

Ready to fight for something that I can’t see,
Ready to hold on to the light that slowly
fading away right before my eyes.

But how long can I last?
How long can this puppet of yours last?
How long can I hold before the damage is beyond repair?

All I can do is to trust in your fingers
to keep going forward,
hopefully to something beautiful.

Turns out it was a bluff,
everything that I thought of was a meaningless gestures.
Everything starting from the smallest details
down to the most complex.
It’s all part of the illusion called US.

The strings that kept me going
already broke, it’s only a matter of time before this
puppet of yours bid his farewell.

Tick tock tick tock I can hear my time
running out. I’m out of gas,
I’m out of strength. I’m out of hope.
The light is now gone and I’m
in complete darkness

The strings that used to be my strength is now gone.
The light that used to be my guide is now gone.
I’m slowly falling into the abyss. No going back now.
I need to teach my self again how to walk on my own.

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