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It was a night with scattered thunders
Two lost souls bound each other
One, in the quest of unsure self preservation
The other is in denial between what if and sensation

Two lost souls in two different worlds
Crossed in same path yet trapped in different road
Tossed with questions and laughters
Never ending truths for knowing each other

Slowly, slowly stirring up the waters
With looks, smiles, hard laughs without borders
Undeniably something attracts
Too fast? Too real? Should we hold back?

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Though this is something clarified from the start
A clarity by lips, but not by heart
And as much as I wanted you to stay
How much I wanted to pull you before you take that step away

How much I wanted to tell you, I am already missing you
How much I wanted to tell you that all of these are true
Yes! This is real and I do!
I do cherish you!

Tonight, was yet another night with scattered thunders
A one last write about love, faith and to surrender
It took me a while to learn the word “I Miss You
Though it’s not me to admit, but dang!
I do really miss you!

I miss her laugh and how I make joke for her
I miss her eyebrows and how she draws out there
I miss everything, everything about her
Like a tide of hopes of seeing her again

But when all of these feelings become a pain
And all of these unanswered questions become vain
Only her last words, were the last thing remains
It’s better if we could not see each other again


It was a rainy Wednesday night
Where she wears a pair of Jordan shoes in white.

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