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I am drowning because of pain, 

I am in a deep sadness and

 i cannot take it anymore.

 I felt like my heart is breaking into pieces.

 I felt like giving up, loosing life and crying all night.

 But there is a voice that keep on saying 

“I love you, keep on fighting. 

Sorry if i have to break you, just to complete you”

 and He says again

 “I will turn your weakness into your strength, 

your brokenness into blessings not only for you

 but also for those people i gave to you”.

 and i want to respond

 “Okay Lord, do what you want and i am willing to obey”.

 but my heart is aching

 and my heart is crying.

 I am saying it is really difficult

 but i am not losing hope to the person above.

I am not losing hope that someday ,

 He will use this pain to bless others. 

That through breaking me,

 i may encounter breakthrough

 not only for me but also for His people. 

That through this brokenness 

many people may see His glory. 



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