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I never felt this peace in my heart until I realized that there is really ‘good’ in goodbyes, especially in yours.
Because your goodbye made me love myself more.
Your goodbye made me someone I never thought I could be.
Your goodbye made me realize my worth.
Your goodbye made me believe that no man should be worth of my tears.
Your goodbye taught me that I should not chase for my destiny.
Your goodbye prevented me from all the lies I could’ve gotten into.
Your goodbye made me realize that I can be me, without you, nor other people.
Your goodbye made me believe that love isn’t just a word nor a choice, but a commitment.
Your goodbye taught me to be wise and smart, and to not settle for less.
The heartache that you gave, somehow became my motivation everyday. Thank you. Somehow, I’m glad that you left, that you said goodbye. Because it led me back to the unconditional, unfailing and endless love of Jesus
And maybe, it’s a blessing in disguise that you left. Because your goodbye turned me into a woman that I am now.

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