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Exhausted. a word that perfectly defines the woman you can see in front of the mirror right now. Full mind, heavy heart and teary eyes, combinations that make you believe that nobody will ever understand and that talking to anybody wouldn’t help. You know that this is not just about you being emotional. At that moment you start to ask yourself of what you did to deserve this kind of feeling. By then you’ll realize life is scaring the human in you. Endless trials are what you’re facing similar to how vast the ocean is. Scary, for you don’t know if there’s a horizon waiting for you out there.

Life is a mystery. Nobody knows what it will bring yet if there is one thing it teaches us, it would be staying strong amidst the odds. Life, as we know it, does not always gives us lemons worthy for a glass of lemonade. In fact, most lessons come as a result of our mistakes, and if you’re lucky it’ll be from a hard one. Imagine a situation wherein the source of your courage turns its back on you just when you needed him the most? Or, melancholic as it may feel, when somebody is gone for good and for peace.

Relying on somebody is good but strengthening yourself is way better. Know that you are unique and special in many different ways and your potential is limited only by your mind. How wonderful it would be looking at a woman of visible inner strength and courage. Remember tough times don’t last but a full-spirited woman does.

On the other side although people and circumstances disappoint you most of the time, know that these are fleeting and will pass away long before you expect it. There are unfathomable reasons why things happen may it be good or bad; far from what we have in mind. If dwelling on the negative experience makes you feel motivated and courageous, pursue it. If looking on the brighter side even with shadows of uncertainties will make you comfortable so be it.

We don’t get to choose our consequences but we have the power to rethink our options. Artistically dramatic as it may sound, life isn’t to be understood, it’s meant to be lived. 

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