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By the time we’re born in this world, the chance to choose our parents, the lifestyle of our family, and the great physical attributes that life has to offer is not within our hands. At some point of our life when we are big enough we question the way things are aligned. The family we belong, the status of our living, and most especially with matters of our physical looks. In a society where you are judge by what clothes you wear and the brand you possess, you can’t help but meet the set expectations.

Blog sites, self help books, magazines and social media sets the bar for these standards. Every day there are tons of videos uploaded on the net on how to do your make-up, how to dress to impress, how to tone that body and so much more. Teenagers and adults alike are doomed in the stigma of which the society is constructing. The effort to enhance the outward appearance is arising to the point of people experiencing two things. 

First, the continuous stream of self gratification which leads to vanity. Second, the dwindling self appreciation towards questioning of self worth.

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The truth of the matter is that what attracts the eye is what is on the outside. Judging by how a person looks, we form mental messages and assuming their value nonetheless. Often, we mistook the chance of knowing them better because we believe they are not worth of what we wanted thus missing the chances of seeing what’s beyond than meets the eye.

Many individuals are seeking, questioning and contemplating their value. No matter how they read encouraging materials, it cannot suffice the void in them. Pondering this thought marks the start of deeper understanding of oneself. Our individuality is something we must know to the core. Knowing our self, revealing our strengths and weaknesses, re-examining our disposition.

Each of us is created unique from one another. Our uniqueness is what makes us as we are. We are beautiful because we are created by a magnificent God. Our God which entirely created the heavens and the earth, the lush green mountains, with teeming fauna and flora, the blue waters and all the creatures deep within. He even considers us ‘beautiful one’, and to tell you ‘He loves us dearly’. Truly amazingly love that is far more enough as grace.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Consider yourself as a person of very unique character, disposition and potential. Love yourself with the love you deserve. The kind of love you wanted someone you fancy to feel. Embrace your flaws and turn them into inspiration. With regards your worth it isn’t base on what others say to you, it’s how you look and feel about yourself.

“You are worth more than many sparrow”. – Matthew 10:31


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