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“My children, why are you lonely?” Grace asked worriedly , “are you neglected again?”

With tears flowing from his eyes, Sacrament told his mother, “I always help her in her faith. We always meet once a month and I remind her of the promises but now she has forgotten me. She now chose Altar Call over me.

“We used to have late night convos. She used to tell me what she’ll do ahead of time — her plans, her dreams, everything. I helped her with her decisions. I was her crying shoulder.” But now she chose Phone over me.” Prayer said while drying his tears silently.

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“I know what’s the best for her. I know what will happen to her if she doesn’t listen to me. But why does she always turns a deaf ear to me? I just want her to know what true joy is like.” Scripture said with fears written all over his face.

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