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I met you in a world where I can escape reality.
The short time I spent with you creates hope in my fragile heart.
That I can be happy with you In a world of fantasy.
The excitement when you are with me is surreal.
You became the main character that I want to protect from all villains.
Willing to be your swordsman that will fight your every battle.
It can be your shield to cover you in all the sharpnels.
This feeling is so high that somehow I wish it could be real.
But, I realized the reality cannot be found in online world.
You may be a real person but not the one I create in my head that I place in my heart.
You are far different from all the expectations or imaginations I made.
Online world revolves around you for a short time.
Well, in fact I wish not to return in reality just to be with you.
But, reality strikes me hard and woke me up.
I need to unstalled you in my system and in my heart.
Every detail about you that is imprinted in my memory must shut down.
For the peace of mind let me restart now.
I wish you happiness in the game you choose to play.
No season two.


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