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We ended our communication by texting you “Prayed for you today”. Its hard to settle when the journey towards moving on is hard when our memories are hidden on my archive stories and post. I can’t deny the fact that everyday I always check your account seeing if there’s something new but still seeing ADD FRIEND as the main view. Others seems happy that our love story ended up in tragedy. They are enjoying the fact that we are left shattered by the pain. Also, I cant deny the longingness to see you again.


Hope you still find the courage to face those answer seekers that we are restoring our life where there is no Bare Minimum issues. To others who still ask I always say “I am taken” to hide the pain that I am left alone loving you from afar. Claiming in fantasy that we have a strong relationship amids life chaos. However, behind of my answer theres a sentence that is left unspoken, I am Taken by a man who can’t take my heart.

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Hoping that someday you still pursue me without flowers and serenade. My dream is to put in reality the three words but for now, my tears are the evident that unsolicited love hurts the most.

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