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We are the best of friends,  we’ve known each other since forever. You are like a twin brother that I never had, because I don’t need to speak for you to know that something is wrong, you can read me like an open book. You are my dear diary, we can even answer a slam book for each other because we are like that, we know each other too well.

Everyone expects us to end up with each, but I want you to know that, I don’t want you to pursue me just because you are pressured from the people around us,  just because you’re used to having me around, just because you’re infatuated with me. I hope that if ever you will pursue me it is at your own will, at your own decision and with the right reasons.

We’ve talked about this, I know your priorities, I understand them. I fully support that you want to enjoy your singleness. Yes, there are times that i feel frustrations, I cry and overthink our situations but that’s normal right? I realize that it is important to enjoy our singleness because it is temporary and the next level will be forever. Regardless, know that I want you to enjoy life to the fullest, go out, make new friends, get to know other people and experience more adventures. Because i believe that love works that way, it does not limit the person, it helps the person to expand his/her horizons.

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I always pray to God that if we are meant to be we will be and if not, I know He has something better in store for us. If the times comes, and it is His will for us to be together, i hope then that we can fully commit because we are ready and complete. But if we are not meant to be together know that I always pray for your happiness. Yes, it will hurt but it is okay, we will be okay. I know God will give the love we deserve.

For now, let us grow individually, get deeper in God. Let us love God and ourselves more. Let us enjoy our singleness and live life to the fullest, make more memories and enjoy the ups and downs of life. Let us continue being friends, get to know each other more while waiting patiently on what the future holds for us.

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