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How should someone patiently wait in line? Waiting is not an easy journey. Same with life; it has its ups and downs. You have to prepare in so many ways on how do you make sure to get in the finish line as first place with gold medal — well, still no assurance of getting a gold.

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Should you run? Barely walk? Hop? Take shortcuts? How can you win in this game called waiting?

Waiting is a painful and loooong process. You dont’ get to be assured of what awaits you after. The only certain thing here is: taking risks. Yup! Waiting is risky, too. This game is only for those whose hearts and souls are brave enough to lose.

While you wait, you walk with God. Waiting with God makes the road worth taking. God is the one who eases the pain while waiting. He toughens your heart and feeds your soul.

Indeed, waiting tests people in so many ways. And here are a few reasons why waiting is painful but fulfilling:

1. You don’t know what is in the end of the line. Have you waited for something or for someone without the assurance of getting something in return? If yes, continue reading. Waiting, I think, is the most selfless act a person can ever do. You just patiently wait while you pray that whatever the result is, may you accept it wholeheartedly without feeling any regret. Say for an instance, have you felt the need to wait for someone even if you are not told to wait? You just feel in your heart that, maybe this time, it’s worth taking the risk to wait for someone you’re not sure of or the other way around. If you have done this before or currently in this situation, you’re such a brave soul! May you continue to feel that burning unknown, inexplicable feeling that pushes you to stand in line and wait. With or without a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, may you treasure the lesson/s you will get from this waiting game.

2. Not knowing until when to wait. There is no deadline nor due date in waiting. You will not be given a queu number. No ‘it’s your turn’ You just wait (forever?) There is a cloud of thought bothering you every single time. It’s full of uncertainties- is this worth it? will this be successful? Am i doing the right thing? until when can I wait? There is a lot to consider. Finding answers to these questions is such a bloody battle. But it all boils down to this very important question: “How will you know if the game is over?” It will be a cliche if I tell you that the heart knows when it’s a green light, or a red. But isnt it true? You can feel it. While waiting, signals will be sent. Red flags may be seen. And you have to be open to all the possibilities and stop if need be. Because again there is no assurance in waiting and will never know when to stop. Waiting is a choice, and so is stopping to wait.

3. No one told you to wait, therefore no one is to be blamed of the pain. Let’s make it clear. If you are waiting because someone told you so, then great! Fortunate enough! BUT if you are waiting even if you are not told to, that is no one’s accountability but yours alone. Now, if something arises and you found yourself in pain or in any danger, I guess you are to blame.

Despite these drawbacks in waiting, I guess it is such a gain to have experienced all of these. It is no one’s loss. Sure there are disadvantages, but there’s no harm in trying and see whether it works or not. It takes a strong connection with God to be ready for anything that might deviate from what is planned and prayed for. Praying while waiting for whatever the reason is will make you understand and appreciate the process. Right now, you may be unsure yet because you don’t know what the future holds or what’s in store for you, but as you go through the process you will appreciate its flaws and beauty and that will make everything worth trying. Whenever you are uncertain, that’s when you become certain. Doubting is part of knowing the certainties in life. So, it’s fine if you’re still in doubt. It just means that you’re ready to know and for the truth. 💘

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