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You may not be able to meet a man who would give you the love you deserve. You might not be able to have a family of your own —have kids and woke up to a husband beside you. You might not win in the game called love, know that life does not end there. It’s not all about romantic love. Your dreams and goal will not change if not shared with someone. Your heart will not stop beating if not used to love a man. Your worth as a woman will never be defined of a marital status, of whether you are a mother of one, two, or three kids. You are a woman even without a man to love and to love you.

It has been a childhood dream —to have a family you call home — I know. But, there are dreams that do not come true. And it’s fine. Failed dreams and disappointments should not stop you from dreaming. You are a woman full of dreams and the kid in you still dreams and hopes that no matter how impossible, for now, to reach that dream, she believes there is a brighter future ahead of her.

At the age of 22, you have gone so many heartbreaks which led you to becoming skeptic, pessimistic, and all the other words parallel to being negative and hopeless. You had nights when you would cry to your pillow and would wipe your own tears. There were times when you would feel so down because of the songs you listened to. You have pitied yourself, but with that hope in your heart, you knew that it would all end. Not in a snap, but it will, and that you are very sure.

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Looking back on those days, you did nothing but chase love and men that you forgot that you still have so many dreams in the list: you wanted to be successful in your career, you wanted to enroll yourself to masters, you wanted to go back to college and study psychology. See? Life does not end in just one failure, two disappointments, and three or more heartbreaks. Life is so much more than that; being a woman is way more than that.

As you enjoy your life with the things you love to do, may you see beyond what is already in front of you. What’s in front of you may not be what you really need. What you are looking for might not be that thing to help you grow. What you have been dreaming of might not be yours to accomplish, to reach, and to keep.

Continue to water yourself, even if a lot of things and people have drained you.

Continue to grow, even if a lot of people cut you off. Continue to thirst and crave for the things you don’t have yet.

Continue to believe that you can always gain in the process of losing.

You know, (your name), you just can’t have it all. But that should not stop you from wanting to have everything, even if it will cost you hardwork, patience, faith, and love.

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