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the greatest lie

I’m not here to be bitter or something,
I’m here just to put up a point for better understanding.
On why the greatest lie that youve always believe in.
And you always makes you end up crying.
“destiny”, “soulmate”
“the one”, “mr. right or left” whatever you call him.
Is the best lie there is, that urges you to find him.

There is no such thing as ment to be.
There is no you are destined for me.
No prince Charming in a fairy tale wanna be.
Specially no mr. right in a world full of mr. maybe.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

We can all agree that there is a imaginary list of traits or standards that every girl have.
A list that mr. right must have.
And if youre resume doesn’t fit the qualification.
You can say bye bye love.

Why is that everyone has to live up to someone else’s expectations.
Expectation that destroys everyones chance to be someone else’s salvation
Because of this. happiness is just a mere fantasy
A tale that can only be read in children’s books or some biblical history.

Why can’t we just pick whoever we want to be with
And enjoy every single moment if it?
Why cant we just do that, why cant we just be happy?
Maybe its because we always want put hearts to safety.

Thanks to all the novels, romance movies, fairytale, and disney princesses bullshit
Thanks for teaching each and everyone the greatest lie there is.
That “everyone has a princess to save” and “prince charming that will ride you til the sun set”
Thanks to this great lie, and because of this happiness is more of a liability rather than a security.

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