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Those hands that I never get to hold,

The voice, the music, I never heard,

Those eyes, the stare and that glance, I wish to see,

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The scent and warmth that will linger next to mine

A flower waiting for the rain’s kiss,

Leaves waiting for the wind’s embrace

With the time I get to see your face…bliss…

And that, my moment of completeness

Beyond these and as I ponder

That in this timeline, we will be together

To have, to hold, to love

Never to doubt and never surrender

Though I am here and you there…somewhere

Connection and affection shall never falter

Across the distance and space between us

Your soul and my soul…entwined…

And upon this quietude and so I conclude

Unconditionally, undeniably, inevitably

Without questions in its entirety

You complete me…

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