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Years ago, where love requires pain;

Then you see yourself in vain;

Now finding to whom you should belong;

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There’s a man who comes along.


How will you know if he’s the one?

When your hearts beat as one?

Facing him can take your breath away;

Can’t utter any words you want to say.


Sees and neverminds you edges;

Making your greatest fears into courage;

Turn your tears into sweetest smile;

Can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle.


  • At times, he can be your bestfriend;

With him, you will never be afraid;

He’s your knight and shining armor;

Until you can’t ask for so much more.


Though he has imperfections;

he’s a man with pure intentions;

Though, he might disappoints you;

But its you, whom he want to pursue.


Keep yourself for the right man;

Never waste your time with a wrong one;

Build yourself while waiting;

Everything has its perfect timing.

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