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All of us has experienced love, it’s either to love someone or be loved by someone. Be it friendship, family, work or in a romantic relationship love is the reason why it was formed and conceived. But why is that most of the things mentioned above fall off the grid? Why do relationships fail and end up destroying someone else’s life? Was it really love who did that? was it really love who failed? or was it us who failed to understand what love truly is?

Love brings hope, we live and exist because of love and God created us out of love, which means that love is our identity but why do people cry because of it? The sad thing is that instead of hope we view love as cynicism, as a guarantee for us to get what we wanted, to gain our benefits. We twist the true meaning and definition love into something that our beliefs will rest on even if it shouldn’t be, we compromise the standard that has been set for us to feel good and to go wild. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 has given us the characteristic of love and Jesus has portrayed and set the standard of LOVE. Love is selfless, that’s why hate is never the opposite of love but it was selfishness because love is selfless, it doesn’t boast

Do love fail? No, it doesn’t; Love never fails. Then why do relationships fail? most relationships fail because it has conditions, and we associate perfection and compatibility to it. Love can never be wrong but the sad thing is that we tend to invest our love on something or someone that’s not worthy of it and that thing is rampant on our generation today we treat love as a joke, we take it for granted and we make fun of it like it was just a toy to enjoy and when we’re not having fun we throw it away so quickly, we’re after the emotions, feelings and the things we can gain from it and negate it’s main purpose which is commitment. We’re having a hard time understanding that romantic relationship is a season of preparation for marriage and we just don’t like that idea that’s why we wiggle our way out away from it.

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Love is complete in itself it needs no condition, has no requirement and most of all it doesn’t require perfection. We are flawed, broken and imperfect and love covers all of that. We need to raise the standard and not lower it when it comes to love, we don’t have to compromise. Know your worth, your identity and your true value, from there you’ll see and understand what it means to maintain that standard of love and the fulfillment of investing it on someone who understand what love truly meant. We love because He first loved us and that’s one of our identity, we need need to connect to Him for us to have boundless love because the love that you receive will be the same love that you will impart to that someone you prayed for.

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