It could be you…

Yes, those were my first words when I met you.

It was a friendly approach at first.

You smiled at me, introduced yourself, then we started having conversations.

I was mesmerized by your personality, which speaks almost everything about you.

We clicked. We jived. We had many similarities.

It made me want to know you more.

I can’t resist your charm.

And as the feelings go deep, so does my heart felt unarmed.

I was defenseless. Didn’t know what to do.

And yes, I fell.

But through time, I figured out that we can’t be together.

There were many circumstances; it was hard to bear.

I never told you about my feelings,

Because deep within me I just can’t.

I am a woman with dignity and I cannot pursue you.

I have to keep it to myself and wait.

Wait until it fades.

And time and time again,

It all comes back to me.

You are now only a memory.

And it is true,

we were meant to know each other,

but not meant to be together.