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Somehow, being a little wrecked is okay.

Somehow, being a little hopeless romantic is fine.

Thank you for all those butterflies you filled me in and for reminding me what they’ve felt like.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I wouldn’t say that those times were times wasted because frankly, we both knew we enjoyed it. It made me happier than my usual days. It made me more excited to end another week because it meant a week less waiting for you. It made me believe in better days, made me believe that it was possible to trust someone so much even right before they physically set their eyes on to yours. It made me do odd things: like getting a super irate caller over the phone and getting caught smiling non-destructively by my workmates ; singing Taylor Swift’s love songs and insanely acting as if I was singing them in front of you ; and oh, washing the dishes with an invincible smile and my niece laughing over me, saying I was out of my mind.

Yes, I wouldn’t deny the fact that you’ve made my days really better. You’ve made me smile twice as I did before. I am not mad at you, I was just a bit disappointed with what you’ve said. That was the time when I realized that this was just another UNREQUITED LOVE story of mine.

So thank you. Thank you for being the reason why my poems ignited magic for two months. Now I write about how weary and lonely I am. But I am strong and I know this too shall pass. I am hopeful and faithful and patient so I still believe in love that God has yet to show me. This will not stop me from trusting people all over again. Rather, it will train me on how to recoup myself every time I feel betrayed. It will make me become indestructible. Tough. Imperishable. Fearless.

So thanks again!

How ironic that I used to look at each sunset with a smile thinking that another sunrise is gonna be a day closer to you. Now sunset only reminds me that everything, albeit beautiful and lovely would always come to an end.

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