He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds. – Psalm 147:3 NIV

Are you recovering from a broken relationship? If so, don’t rush into another one. Take your time. Unhealthy people make unhealthy choices. Some wounds take longer to heal than others, but you can count on this: “He heals the broken-hearted.” All God asks is that you give Him a chance.

Begin by taking time to search His Word and find out how He feels about you. His opinion is the only reliable basis upon which to base your self-worth. If a perfect God can love you with full knowledge of your struggles and imperfections, then the message is – lighten up on yourself! You can love and be loved again, but only with the same wholeness with which you love yourself. Next time make sure your choices are healthy ones, not predicated on need or the fear of being alone. And be careful; when you don’t value yourself you tend to attract people who do the same, including those who use you and belittle you. You deserve better so hold out for it. Remember, you train others to treat you by how you treat yourself. Actually, as you become healthier you’ll start seeing how unhealthy some of your choices have been.

If some people walk away, so be it. Sometimes you have to give up less in order to have more. God’s got wonderful relationships in store for you, but He’s waiting until your values and your perceptions line up with His. So take it step-by-step, one day at a time. And don’t forget to rejoice; your best days are ahead.