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I remember the days when you were so carefree. Not thinking about the future. You didn’t know where life would lead you. You just smiled and went on with life. You accepted anyone and anything that would come your way. However, you fought the toughest battles that anyone could never imagine. You fought with yourself. The battle between your heart and mind was too hard to resist. But in the end, you chose to follow your heart. Even though the situation does not approve of your choice, you still pushed to do it. You were too much in love; yet too much wounded. You never thought that your choice would affect your being. You lost who you were. You became bitter. You were too hard on yourself. You stopped trusting others. Your heart was hard to conquer. You closed too many opportunities, thinking that your life was about to end. You think your heart was too hard to mend.

You chose to forget about you past failures, past mistakes, past choices that you made. and your old self.

But through God’s strength, you fought back again. Not the fight within yourself, but to fight for your life. The fight to live a great life. The fight to achieve the best that God has prepared for you. You chose to be a better person. You never held back from doing what God wants you to do. You chose to obey and serve Him, knowing that your life is meaningless without Him. You chose to forget about you past failures, past mistakes, past choices that you made. and your old self.  At first it was hard. It made you give up for a moment, but you struggled so hard that you managed to rise up again. It was all worth it.

To the old version of myself, thanks for setting me free. Free from the past. Free from bitterness and pride. Free from worries and doubts. You taught me a lot. I would never be the person I am now if it wasn’t for you. Now the memories of you are my stories to tell. Stories that would remind me how faithful God is. Stories that make me thankful everyday. Stories that defined and shaped me to be a better version of myself.

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