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Hi, Its been a year now, how are you? I hope you are doing fine. I hope you’re healthy. But most of all I hope you’re happy.
Cause I’m not, I’m still healing. Waiting for my heart to be fully restored. Since you left me, a big part of me was taken away. You left a whole in my heart. Thank you for that. I gave you my heart and you returned it shattered. I gave you my time and wasted every second of it. I gave you my body, but you scarred it for life. I trusted you with every bit of trust I have for a person, but you reminded me of why I don’t trust anyone in the first place. You left me hanging, but I never blamed you for it. I blamed myself for not being enough for you. For not being pretty enough. For not being hot enough. I regreted that I didn’t do more for you. I hated myself, cause I didn’t know what I should do, for you to stay with me.
I thought my love for you is enough. For you to stay with me. For you to keep on choosing me. I thought my love is enough for us to have a forever. I thought giving you what you want will satisfy you. But unfortunately, I was wrong. Love will never make someone stay. It will always be a choice. A commitment, a decision. And you decided to leave. I’m sorry I was never enough. Sorry that I cannot give anything more for you. That I cannot offer anything more. I’m sorry.

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