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The verdict has been set, you decided to go on your own journey. But all I wanted was to be part of it. At the time, you told me I thought you were selfish. I felt that you removed my right to be part of your life, but now that we are in the clear, I now realize that I am the selfish one.

I am selfish in the sense that I wanted to help you, I wanted to fix you, when all the help you ever needed wasn’t from me, but from Him.

I wanted to be your “person” so badly that I’ve forgotten that there is this bigger entity in this world that could help you in all ways possible that I could never do. This time around, I’m letting it go and letting God take control. I know in His presence you will be filled with love, joy, peace, understanding, wisdom, and patience.

In His presence, all the answers you are looking for, you will find in Him. You will be transformed by His ways that you yourself could not even fathom.

I will be honest, though, letting God take control and stepping back won’t be easy. Letting God lead the way even when there is no tangible assurance that you will return is quite daunting, but I will trust the Lord for He already planned this even before time. It has been set that you must take on this journey alone.

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You must overcome your circumstances with Him, and the outcome will be that you are stronger than before, even bolder than before.

I am sincerely excited how the Lord will touch your heart in this pruning stage. I am amazed how you confidently stepped back yourself and said, “I want to pray for this.” I am in awe that you want to hear the leading of the Lord on this one.

I never told you this, but you leave me stunned every day. As for me, I will have my struggles, but it’s okay. I will miss you, but it’s okay.

I will wonder, but it’s okay, for I know the Lord is with me as well.

So, this is me also stepping back, taking a leap of faith, building barriers, and setting up limitations. But I will never burn the bridge between us and if one day we come across each other’s paths again. Then, we’ll know it was meant to be, we’ll know that God has really set that time for us.

But for now, we would have to grow apart to grow deeper into love with God.

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