We’ll always have the mornings after.
With the sun on our faces, smiles on our faces.
After a long tiring shift—
With our eyes sleepy and our thoughts rumbled.
But we still stay together, despite our tired minds—
Just because we want to.
Well, you’re my morning after.
You’re the sun that lights up my dawn after a long dark night.
With that smile on your face that’s only meant for me.
Oh God, you don’t even realize how it makes me feel.
—Like I want to be happy again.
And then I realize, I’m happy again.
Because no matter how complicated everything is—
No matter how much people continue to frown at me because they see this as a mistake—
No matter how much they say I’m a bad person—
And no matter how much they say that you’re not enough for me—
You are.
It’s you always.
Because I know this is right even though everyone tells me it’s not.
Because you make me happy.
Because you make me feel alive again.
Because you make me want to take a chance again.
Because you are