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My Prayers For You

I pray that you will be contented of things you have now.
I pray that you will continue to seek God whatever your situation.
I pray that you will praise God in every season of your life.
I pray that you will learn to be thankful every circumstances.
I pray that you will have this peace of mind and heart.
I pray that you will the things that your longing and praying for.
I pray that you will be satisfy in the love of Christ Jesus.
I pray that you will wait for God’s beautiful time.
I pray that you will wait for God’s best.
I pray that you will secured in your identity in Christ.
I pray that you will grow more and more in Christ-likeness.
I pray that you will be a person that God want’s you to be.
I pray that you will be a woman of prayer and a woman of faith.

I know sometimes it’s hard to pray and in the midst of our busy lives but this is not an excuse, too often we don’t pray enough or we only pray about the most pressing issues and neglect to take the time to really get close to God, to know Him better, and to share with Him the deepest longings of our heart.
Sometimes we just pray to God when we are so broken, so lonely, and when our problems gets harder and harder, then we remember Him.
But do we really value the word “PRAYER” or we just pray because we need to pray. I’ve learn that prayer is not just prayer but a conversation with God.
Talk and Listen then Listen and Talk, conversation is give and take if ikaw lang ang laging nagsasalita hindi yan conversation.
God is also wants to talk to you through His word, hindi yun ikaw nalang lage ng sasalita at hindi mo binibigyan ng time yung tinga mo na makinig sa kanya.

Prayer is something that’s so special for me, in prayers I’ve learn to be dependent on God every circumstances and season of my life.
Through prayers I have come to know that God can smooth my path, calm the storms, walk with me in the unknown and even make my way simple when I ask Him to carry the complexities of life for me but these things don’t just happen without prayer.
Prayer doesn’t mean that we need to pray a long prayer but when we pray it’s like where talking to our close friend or having a conversations with our love once, when we pray all we need to do is to be honest to God, telling everything to Him, no secrets because He already knew it He just want to hear it from us and when we pray we inline our heart to His heart and when we pray it doesn’t mean we are change God’s mind but when we pray He is the one who’s change us to be more like Him.

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