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  The desire to have a romantic relationship will eventually come to you, whether you like it or not, it will visit you.

And sometimes it can be painful as it can be. The yearning to have a companion in life is tough.

I’ve learned that falling in love is a natural thing,

before, for me it was a strange feeling, though I haven’t yet fell inlove.

I admit that I felt some romantic feelings with some guys, and I would probably deny this feeling and left it unwatered so it won’t grow. Because I’m so afraid that I might make the flame burning wild and I messed up, it would cause trouble, I might not control it.

The desire to be loved by opposite gender is a natural thing. The desire to be pursued makes you feel secured isn’t it?

Love is something everyone desires and seeks, no wonder why, because love always protects, hopes, perseveres and never fails.(1 Cor. 13:7-8)


I’m afraid, the desire of romance when you’re not ready is too dangerous. So I’m keeping all this romantic feelings buried in my heart.


I’m afraid ,being intimate with someone can harm your spiritual life, your walk with God. And so at this moment though I feel the drive of wanting to be intimate and wanting to cling to that particular person, I’d rather keep it on my own, keeping myself not to cling to him no matter how I wanted it to. And I admit it, it wasn’t easy. It isn’t easy.


And besides I’m afraid, if I settle with that someone, I may missed what lies ahead.

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