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Happy, that is what I feel
When I see your smile, so real
The blue bright sky glimpses
When those lips of yours changes
From horizontal to crescent curve
I’m also drawn to it in manner superb

It lasts for a savoring moment
Yet it catches my inmost sentiment
Increasing my longing to fulfill
The ultimate desire of my will.
How beautiful! How magnificent!
It points my sight to the transcendent

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Your eyes shines like the sun on summer
I can’t bear to look at it without melting over
Not my eyes but my heart so fragile
Not my my skin but my soul so fickle

But this experience aids me to uncover
That feeling I want to last for ever and ever
To have it and share it with my twin soul
whom God granted me as best gift above all


I always desire to  give and add
All the beautiful memories we had
I want to put more smile on your face
I want to let you see more meaning in your days

I want to send more prayer and blessing
I want to have more time to talk and sing
I want to create more moments of happiness
Share it all with you in thankfulness and praise

In my dreams I wish there is an “and” at the end

So that we keep striving to stand though we bend

Coz it’s wonderful to see greetings every morning

After our rest during the long uncertain evening

“And” denotes the promising hope of my heart
that all these end not instead lead to a frest start
A new life, a new strength, a new grace with you
A new chance where we can sing praises too


This word describes you so fittingly
But I didn’t know about it before honestly
A new word I found in Webster Dictionary
Allow me to call you “Nifty” O Hanny

Accordingly it means very attractive or appealing
Wonderful! How accurate to describe my feeling!
Everytime we’re together you draw me closer
Without saying a word I’d be under your power

Something lies within the depths of your being

An existence that radiates in your way of loving

He who created everything from nothing

Has made you shine so bright and twinkling.

Now I finally found what makes you attractive
It’s not only about the beauty outside, I believe
But within you is a God who dwells in your heart
Within Him also you occupy a very special part

You are Nifty coz you are God’s beloved

It evokes in me the feeling of being blessed

To have known you and have been considered A favorite kuyang, one always be remembered

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