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In the most unexpected time

I met a genuine and amazing you

You were so perfect for me.

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However, ours had a hint of fallacy.

It was never a real love story.

I gave you my heart and my all.

You were my answered prayer.

You were the future I longed for.

You were the only decision I was sure to fight for.

And the only person with whom I want to spend the coming tomorrow

And suddenly, in the blink of an eye,

Everything changed

From every hour of talking to nothing

From good mornings to no greetings

It hurts to let you go.

It hurts to slip away the dreams of being forever with you.

This is love; we learn to let go of the one we love.

To my almost, almost forever

I thanked God for your existence.

Thank you for making me feel loved.

In a short span of time

I pray for your success.

I pray for your happiness.

Palangga, my love is not enough to heal you.

Still hoping for our time to come.

This is not goodbye, but I hope to see you next time

“Sana sa panahong darating, tayo na, ako na”

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